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23andMe Data with StrateGene

The first genetic analysis program of its kind.

1. Focuses on SNPs that have potential clinical implications

2. Provides the biochemical pathways for each gene - not just the isolated SNP

3. Identifies factors which influence SNPs, kinetic impact, and potential associated symptoms and conditions

4. Includes a full bibliography with supporting research 

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What StrateGene Offers

Tired of chasing protocols for SNPs? With StrateGene, you see how clinically relevant genetic polymorphisms taken from 23andMe work and interact with one's diet, lifestyle and their environment. This allows you to make holistic based recommendations.

Want to know how a SNP may play a role in health? With StrateGene, you get a breakdown of associated conditions and symptoms along with kinetic variation.

Want more free time? With StrateGene, you only get well-researched SNP’s that are clinically relevant. Not every SNP under the sun. More unnecessary information is not better. Get back to your hobbies!

Need support? As a free bonus, we created a private StrateGene Facebook group where you may ask questions and gain insight from other StrateGene users!

Sample Report: See StrateGene in Action

 Genes Evaluated by StrateGene

As of 10/26/2017, StrateGene analyzes these genetic polymorphisms:

Core SNPs

Bonus SNPs

  • SLC19A1
  • MTHFD1 
  • MTHFR  
  • MTRR 
  • CBS 
  • SOD2
  • GSTP1 
  • G6PD 
  • COMT
  • NAT2
  • BCO1
  • FUT2
  • NQO1
  • PEMT
  •  FADS1
  • TNFalpha
  •  LRRK2
  • APOE 

NOTE: StrateGene only includes clinically-relevant and research supported genetic polymorphisms. This is to save you time. We've filtered out the non-essential so you can spend more time on the essential!

What people are saying...

“The StrateGene Pathway Analysis is an amazing tool that allows us to see not only what a person’s genetic makeup is, but also which epigenetic factors may be directly contributing to health or disease. The trend has been to look at genetic mutations in isolation and irrespective of how they interact with other body systems and genes. 

Having a visual overview of how these mutations impact various pathways in the body and which factors can promote or inhibit their activity, makes this a one-of-a-kind tool. It will undoubtedly change how healthcare professionals make customize treatment recommendations based on genetics!"

Ali Baedke, MS, RD

"StrateGene takes the genetic information, places them into the pathway planner and color codes the genes so that you and your clients can easily visualize the compromised pathways!

More than identifying polymorphisms, this program will greatly improve the understanding and utilization of the vast amount of epigenetic information currently available.

I highly recommend it to all healthcare providers interested in utilizing genetics and their practice!"

Jess Armine, DC, RN

"My experience with StrateGene has been one of joy so far. Patients and I can print and get familiar with a detailed report in advance. This makes office visits so much more productive and less note taking for everyone. I see more patient engagement, less confusion. Strategene is a great tool for busy clinicians, as patients leave with concrete, actionable advice that informs their choices/lifestyle for the better."

J. Claire Green, ND

“StrateGene represents the gold standard in genetic interpretation. Ben’s understanding of the interplay between nutrition, environment and genes has produced an interpretive tool that helps make sense of the complexity of gene function and interaction. The pathways enable the practitioner to zoom out and see the bigger picture rather than obsessing over specific genes. Seeing the individual’s own gene profile colour-coded on the pathways just makes life so much easier - no more need for highlighter pens and messy scribbling! Ben has also provided detailed information about how each enzyme can be induced or reduced, which co-factors are essential and what steps could be taken to best support the individual’s genetic makeup. Responsible, practical, reliable, actionable and science based. Thanks Ben."

Alessandro Ferretti, Dip ION mBANT NTCC CNHC

"StrateGene is the most comprehensive tool I have seen, and takes the delivery of personalized medicine to a new level. Coverage of the most SNPs and pathways including Folate, Methionine, Transulfuration, Biopterin and Histamine. The report clearly describes what inhibits or induces the genes (lifestyle, medications, foods, supplements etc.) and essential nutrient cofactor information. StrateGene also incorporates each individual’s specifc SNP variations in detailed Pathway Charts that are visually appealing and easy to comprehend. Accompanying FAQs and ready access to the underlying research makes StrateGene an invaluable tool for practitioners."

Priya Kamani MD, Founder & CEO, LivingMatrix, Inc

"I'm super excited to have Strategene available. StrateGene simplifies the the report down to the most researched and relevant snps. The problem with other systems have been that they either had too little or too much data. StrateGene is just perfect! It provides the most researched and relevant snps, with information as to what they are and what their impact may be, and the bonus is that it shows them within the pathway planners that Dr. Lynch developed. I was doing this manually.

StrateGene is a more complete product to review and provide my patients. StrateGene takes the best of all of the other reporting systems and makes the report even better with the addition of the pathways."

Eric Balcavage, DC

Is StrateGene right for you?

StrateGene isn't for everyone. Is it right for you? In this video, Dr. Lynch clearly explains who, and who shouldn’t, use StrateGene.  

A Genetic Analysis Program For All Skill Levels

Genetic reports have you feeling as puzzled? Take the confusion out of genetic data analysis.


Increase Patient Outcomes

Use StrateGene to filter out what’s clinically relevant and what’s not.

Tools to Help You Use StrateGene

1. How to Use StrateGene 

Watch this video first! Dr Lynch explains. 

2. What is Methylation?

In this one hour webinar, learn what methylation is and what it does.

3. Get Professional Help

Find a health professional near you who understands how to use StrateGene. 

4. Private Group

StrateGene report is just the beginning. Interact with other StrateGene users. Click the link found on your report to get here!

5. Practical Application of Methylation & Epigenetics 

An in depth dive into how Dr Lynch approaches patient care. 

6. How to Treat SNPs

There is a ton of wrong information on how to approach SNPs. Learn the right way.

NOTE: Are you a health professional and not listed? Receive training by watching Part 1 and Part 2 or SHEICON2015 or SHEICON2016. These do have CE credits for those who qualify. Once you receive training and are an active member, you will be listed in the Directory. 

We recommend becoming a DBL Professional Member first as you will save 10% on all courses and save on StrateGene.


Who does the 23andMe v5 chip effect? It affects people who ran reports later than July 2017.  

What is missing from the 23andMe v5 chip? It is not missing much. Please see Dr Lynch's article regarding the changes-

How does StrateGene differ from Livewello and MTHFR Support? StrateGene provides only well-researched SNPs that have clinical relevance. Our research team hand-picks each SNP based on strict criteria.

Can the general public order StrateGene? Yes! 

Can I use raw data? Unfortunately no. We chose not to offer this because has significantly less clinically relevant SNPs compared to 23andMe raw data.

Where do I download my raw data from 23andMe? You will need to visit this link, where you may be asked to log in. From there, instructions will be provided and be sure "All DNA" is selected in the "Data set" drop down. Finally click the Download Data button to initiate the download.

When and where do I send you my 23andMe data? You will be prompted to upload your 23andMe data into your StrateGene report after you have purchased it and accessed the report inside of your Dashboard.

Get the answers you've been looking for. Right now!

When you have the right information, amazing things can happen! Take advantage of the thousands of hours spent researching by Dr Ben Lynch and his team by running StrateGene today!

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